Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
We take creative content from our clients/agencies, then reformat them to optimise the display screens. Once approved, ads are uploaded onto our central management system and deployed to the network of screens. Generally each advert is displayed for 7.5 seconds every 60 second loop, though the length of advert and share of voice can be adjusted per request Every digital display unit polls the home system every 2 seconds to check for updates. Assuming any criteria informed by the ‘intelligence triggers’ (such as time of day, geo-location etc. are met), the advert is displayed.

Our dual-sided LED screens measure 16 inches in height, 16 inches in width, and 54 inches in length, mounted into a secure and ergonomically designed casing that meets all relevant electrical and environmental standards.
What Type of Advertising Opportunities?
ABMG's service offers advertisers a new and innovative way of reaching their audience through advertisements displayed digitally from the roof tops of Washington DC's iconic red taxis.

Our service is primarily suited to brand amplification. The eye-level, vibrant screens achieve a level other OOH media units fail to deliver – viewable from up to 100 feet away and at a 140 degree viewing angle. Each digital screen operates independently of the others and the various activation triggers determine, when, where and under what circumstances adverts are displayed.

In simple terms, you can advertise the right message to the right audience at the right time and in the right place. The holy grail of advertising!
What type of media is supported?
Although a digital LED display is capable of supporting a wide range of promotional approaches, for safety reasons we are not able to show moving video. We are able to use a technique called ‘storyboarding’ to get across more complex messaging. A variety of digital media formats, including JPEG, GIF, BMP or PNG images.
How ABMG is different from other forms of digital advertising?
The primary difference is the "mobility" of our digital advertising and the "relevancy" that this brings to an advertiser. Static poster sites have limited reach and are un-targeted, whereas our service takes the message to the people – wherever they are. Further, our taxis go into areas where there other OOH options are very limited.

Because it's digital and real-time, messaging on our displays can be changed frequently, making it ideal for things such as restaurant openings, convention information, theater programming, and everything in between.
How Targeted Can My Campaign Be?
Our media platform offers several clever ways to target your audience more precisely than you can with other media. Your campaign can use any of our ‘intelligence triggers’ to target your message: Date/time; geographic location; temperature; ambient light. We also have various pre-defined demographic packages as follows:
  • Georgetown Shoppers
  • Business People
  • Early Commuters
  • Late Commuters
How Can This Integrate With The Rest OF My Marketing Mix?
Our service is primarily a brand amplification tool, and like most OOH media it works best as part of a broader, integrated campaign. Outdoor adds additional reach and frequency to campaigns, and catches people when they are en route to shops, movies, arenas, and restaurants.
How Will I Know That My Ads Are Appearing?
Our service is built on a management platform which dates, time and location of every advertisement displayed. Reports can be sent to you on demand or at periodical intervals.

At the end of each period we report to you on how many times your ad was streamed, on which vehicles, when and where. This can be used as an ROI tool as well as a management planning and campaign tool. ABMG gives you a depth of reporting that other OOH media can only dream of.
DC Target Market
The Washington DC Metropolitan Area has a population of just over 6 million residents, and welcomes over 20,000,000 annual tourists.

As one of the most expensive cities in The United States, along with the highest annual household income compared to all other American Cities, Washington DC is the premiere city to showcase your brand!