Reenforce Your Brand, Innovate your Outdoor Strategy

Our eye-level, vibrant screens achieve a high level of visibility that few OOH media units can deliver – viewable from up to 100 feet away and at a 140 degree viewing angle. Each digital screen operates independently of the others and the various activation triggers determine, when, where and under what circumstances advertisements are displayed.

Want your advertisement to show only to morning commuters? No problem. Want to only show a Florida getaway flight when it’s less than 30 degrees – easy! A few days until your new restaurant opens in DuPont? Let us share that information with all in and around The District!


We provide advertisers a new method to ensure cutting edge. Because our digital screens are mounted on Washington DC Red Taxis, it means they are constantly moving in one of the most global and high net worth cities in the world. Outdoor is a proven medium for brand amplification – and with the in-built Above & Beyond Media intelligence triggers, you can target your messaging like never before.

Real time, dynamic messaging and editing capabilities, the ability to thrive in all weather conditions and time of day with a crystal clear resolution visible from over 100 feet away is innovation unlike before. Buying in weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual slots, or you can make purchases on a CPM basis. It's your call - we are here to make it easy.