About Us

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Who We Are

Above & Beyond Media Group is an ever-expanding digital media company that bridges tactful messages from global brands, local news outlets, and health, safety, public service, cultural, educational subjects and events we passionately support.

Using dual-sided LED screens on the rooftops of Washington DC Taxis, our network takes digital media to the next level. Connecting with the over 6,000,000 residents in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area and the 20,000,000 tourists that visit our Nation's Capital annually, Above & Beyond Media Group is your partner in delivering information to one of America's top media markets.

High impact, vibrant, eye level screens help amplify your brand in a medium unlike any before. With built in intelligence triggers, we can help deliver relevant messages to the right audiences, at the right time, reducing wastage and improving ROI. Our intelligence triggers allow advertisers to target messages at pre-defined geographic areas, at specific times of day or at premium audiences.

Whatever the desired demographic your company is looking to connect with in one of the world's most cosmopolitan city's, Above & Beyond Media Group is your partner for immediate impact right here, right now!

What We Offer

Best and the Brightest Displays

Geo Targeted Smart-Displays

Remote and Instant Editing

Next Level Analytics

Automatic ambient lighting displays your advertisements beautifully in all times of day or evening. Our dual-sided LED Screens with unparalleled resolution gives your audiences a clear display from up to 100 feet away.
Would you like to target shoppers walking in Georgetown? How about the Capitol Hill Crowd? Perhaps revelers outside the Verizon Center is your desired audience? With our unique Geo-targeting capabilities, we can help you advertise down to an exact intersection if you so desire; the possibilities are endless!
Our technical support team are always on stand by to edit your advertisement on call. Whether it is an update on the message, or a change of any sort, Above & Beyond Media Group has your back and will have an update for you within moments.
Know exactly when your ads have been run and on what taxi.